An interview with Kurtley Knight – Part 3

If you missed it, here is Part 1 and Part 2. Thank you to the thousands of people from all over the world who have read this interview with Pastor Kurtley. We pray that you have been challenged and encouraged. Thank you, Kurtley, for courageously sharing your testimony. If you’re a questioning SDA pastor who would


An interview with Kurtley Knight – Part 2

Last week we posted Part 1 of the interview with Pastor Kurtley Knight who recently left his pastoral job and Adventism. Part 3 is here. What was the catalyst that compelled you to quit your pastoral job? The only God-induced response when one receives the gospel is faith. Simply put, God prompted me to leave my job


An interview with Kurtley Knight – part 1

Just this past Spring, Pastor Kurtley Knight resigned his pastoral position for doctrinal reasons. We pray that Adventist pastors at the crossroads are encouraged by his story of stepping out on faith to follow Christ and share the Gospel.  This is Part 1. Read Part 2 here and Part 3 here. Tell us about your background in Adventism. I was


Speaking at Criswell with Prof. James Walker

I had the AWESOME privilege of hanging with James Walker and his class at Criswell College tonight. I was blessed to be with you tonight. If I can be a resource or help, please let me know. Thank you to my friend Pastor Jon Bilima Blessings, Ben McPhaull Here are the links I shared in

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10 Myths held by Seventh-day Adventists

1. SDAs are people of the Book. 2. Non-SDA pastors use Ellen G. White. 3. Christian scholars know about the Sabbath, they just refuse to accept it. 4. No one leaves the SDA Church for doctrinal reasons. 5. People leave Adventism because they’ve been wronged or feel unloved. 6. “There’s no perfect church, but this


Q&A with a pastor at the crossroads (REPOST)

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When my resignation became public, I received a phone call from a pastor-friend encouraging me and telling me, in essence, “I’m next.” God used him to encourage me when others were trying to sew seeds of doubt. I’ve asked him to tell his story of pastoring at the crossroads. For obvious reasons, I am featuring

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Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism Part 3

Over the past few weeks I highlighted what I call Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism. I post these to educate Evangelical Christian pastors so they can better understand Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. I also post these to implore Adventist pastors (who claim they don’t believe these things), to gain the courage to teach why this type