Booking Ben

Pastor | Speaker | Trainer

Ben McPhaull is a pastor, speaker and trainer who captures audiences with his compelling testimony and Gospel-centered preaching.

As Director of Crossroads, Ben connects questioning Adventist pastors with support and encouragement to follow-through with their convictions. To play his part in making the name of Jesus famous and sharing the Gospel is Ben’s passion. He is dedicated to promoting biblical literacy and challenging audiences to pursue a deeply rooted relationship with God. His doctoral focus is on creating tools to equip believers to effectively share good news with Adventists lacking the assurance of salvation.

Ben’s story is a powerful example of how the Gospel changes lives.” — Don Newbury, Chancellor, Howard Payne University.


Ben has been a speaker on behalf of  Watchman Fellowship and to audiences at events hosted by  Southern Baptist Convention of Texas, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, Life Assurance Ministries and churches across the United States. Talks can be tailored for ministry leaders or general audiences.

How the Gospel turned my world right-side up – Ben shares his personal testimony of growing up in a pseudo-Christian subculture where he trained and went to Seminary. After becoming a pastor, he found the Gospel and left it all (employment, identity, comfort zone) to follow Christ.

How to protect yourself (and your congregation) against false gospels – There’s no shortage of gospels out there masquerading as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can’t study them all, but you can be prepared to spot Scripture twisting a mile away.

The Bible: What’s the big deal? Understanding and submitting to the Bible’s authority

Does it jibe with the Bible? – It seems like everyone can prove their doctrinal points with a Bible text. How do I know who is right and who is lying? How can a non-theologian like me, discern truth?

Worldview matters – Your worldview is your frame of reference. You analyze and understand the world through the lenses of your worldview. What is your worldview? How can you develop a biblical worldview? Why does it matter?

How to get it wrong, every time (the importance of hermeneutics) – Reading the Bible is important, but even more important is how you read it. Learn the principles of sound biblical interpretation that will help you put the pieces together.

To book Ben to speak to your organization, church or at your next conference, contact us or call 817.659.3373.