All of these former SDA pastors have agreed to support questioning and transitioning Adventist pastors. Feel free to contact any of them for with questions, support or prayer.


  1. Ben this is wonderful. I am like a proud big brother. So happy that you have found Christ. If I can be of assistance in any way, I offer myself freely. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Ben,

    My wife and I pastor a nondenominational, Sabbath- keeping, Pentecostal church in Maryland. I’m fourth generation SDA, and read your article in the July, August, September, 2011, issue of Proclamation. We’re encouraged by your journey and desire to dialogue further. I tried to leave a comment at Crossroads, but was unsuccessful. Lennox and Pamela Abrigo

  3. Thank you for your work to bring light to those of us who have left the 7th Day Adventist Church. It’s been a journey for sure. I’m into my second year and closer to my Lord than I’ve ever been. Please be sure I’m on the email list and/or FB. Blessings, sarah Luke Atlanta Georgia

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