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Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism Part 1

Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting what I call Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism.
I post these to educate Evangelical Christian pastors so they can better understand Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. I also post these to implore Adventist pastors (who claim they don’t believe these things), to gain the courage to teach why this type of thinking is wrong (vs. simply not teaching it at all).

Please notice how the Bible texts are used eisegetically and out of context.

All of the statements (and images) below are from Revelation Seminar materials.

“Unless I correctly identify this beast (the Beast of Revelation), I risk receiving its Mark and losing my place in God’s Kingdom.”

“God’s church for today MUST be teaching that the heavenly judgment is NOW in session. It began in 1844, and when it ends, the horrible problem of sin will be ended forever.”

“The Ten Commandments are God’s standard in the judgment.”

“Salvation is a free gift of God. It is based upon the works of Jesus alone. Our works do give evidence of our connection with Jesus, however, so the Lord looks at them.”

“The watching universe must be clear that it is safe to welcome beings, who have sinned, back into heaven’s family. The judgment makes that clear by presenting the evidence which the angels have gathered and by answering questions from inquirers.”

“..the righteous are shown to be like Jesus. Not even Satan doubted Jesus’ forgiveness, but the evil one doubted that God could indeed restore men to His image. The redeemed stand before him as proof it has happened. No question will ever be raised again about the handling of the sin problem and the character of God. They have all been answered.”

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    Hello my name is Pastor Ray,

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    Ray Holsemback

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