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Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism Part 2

Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting what I call Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism. This is week 2.
I post these to educate Evangelical Christian pastors so they can better understand Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. I also post these to implore Adventist pastors (who claim they don’t believe these things), to gain the courage to teach why this type of thinking is wrong (vs. simply not teaching it at all).

Please notice how the Bible texts are used eisegetically and out of context.

All of the statements below are from Revelation Seminar materials.

“Protestantism stands guilty before the judgment bar of God of throwing out the Bible Sabbath! God, Himself, gave the Sabbath as a sign or mark of his power to create and His power to sanctify or save, Exodus 31:17; Ezekiel 20:12. Dare any man tamper with this sacred sign which represents the great God of Heaven and all that He stands for?”

“Jesus’ blood applied to my heart erases my sins of the past and provides the miraculous power for me to become fully like Jesus.”

“The gospel includes God’s power to save us PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE from sin’s PENALTY, POWER and PRESENCE.”

“If I do not permit Jesus to impart sanctification to me (bear fruit) I will lose salvation. Fruit-bearing, or growth, is essential for retaining salvation.”

Explanation of Matthew 11:28-30: “He promises peace, release and rest from the stress, heartaches, fears, burdens and guilt of life.”

“Christ enjoins those who receive this ordinance [baptism] to remember that they are bound by a solemn covenant to live to the Lord. They are to use for Him all their entrusted capabilities, never lose the realization that they bear God’s sign of obedience to the Sabbath of the fourth commandment, that they are subject of Christ’s kingdom, partakers of the divine nature.”

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