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Breaking Open the Adventist Mind – David DePinho

My Journey out of Legalism – Clay Peck

Soli Deo Gloria! – Jess Dixon


Adventist Sanctuary – Former Adventist pastor Dave Stuart studied the book of Hebrews and the Adventist sanctuary doctrine extensively before resigning. Contact him with any questions you may have on this topic.


Pastors Leaving Adventism – Studio conversation with Jonathan Bilima, Greg Taylor and Mark Martin (2007)

Integrity in Ministry – Studio conversation with Jonathan Bilima, Greg Taylor and Mark Martin (2007)

Interview with Jerry Gladson – from KJSL Radio (2005)

Interview with Mark Martin – from KJSL Radio (2005)

Interview with Greg Taylor – Part 1 and Part 2



Truth Led Me Out
Dale Ratzlaff's story
Many people have asked me why a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist pastor would leave the Adventist denomination. For Adventists, who see themselves as the “true remnant church of Bible prophecy”, the only answer that fits their theological paradigm is apostasy. This is why I am continually being accused of leaving because I wanted to live in open sin. When I respond that I left because of thorough Bible study and a desire to be true to my conscience, I am often met with a blank, questioning stare. For many this is simply incomprehensible. How can one leave “the truth” and not go into error? Click here to purchase.

Discovering the New Covenant—why I am no longer a Seventh-day Adventist
Greg Taylor shares the struggles and fears he and his family had in coming to grips with what they discovered about the church they loved. They know what it is to wrestle with knowing the inevitable consequences of following the truth and their consciences. They endured the rejection of friends and co-workers and left generations of tradition to follow the truth. Greg and his family did the hard thing and the right thing, they open-heartedly looked for truth and embraced it when they saw it. The truth has set them free. Click here to purchase.

A Theologian's Journey from Seventh-day Adventism to Mainstream Christianity
Dr. Gladson has done something few other scholars have been able to do. He has combined careful, detailed research with a gripping, narrative style of writing. The reader is forced to crawl under the skin of Dr. Gladson, see through his eyes and feel the trauma of having to choose between career and conscience. One cannot put the book down until finished. This book, more than any other book published to date, uncovers the hidden, toxic, core of Adventism. Click here to purchase.


  1. There is a book you need to include in the resources. The title is “The Stonecutters Bride” by Sam Pestes a former SDA pastor. It is an excellent book showing the 2 Covenants and how the New Covenant came about and why it is the Jesus ratified at the cross.
    Another great book is “The Sabbath in Christ” by Dale Ratzlaff. This book has set many sincere seekers of truth free of legalism and old covenant thinking.
    I also am gratful for the Proclamation magazine.It is a superb publication.
    My journey out of Adventism took many years but I have found peace and rest in Jesus and have moved on. I am grateful for my SDA heritage and cherish my 14 yrs in the SDA ministry. Once I understood the gospel from Paul in Romans, I was free to challenge other doctrines that did not hold true to scripture as I saw them. I believe EG White is like a millstone around the neck of the SDA denomination and does not allow the denomination to progress in truth. More and more seekers of truth in the SDA denomination are finding the courage to move on. Praise God.

    • Hi Clay,

      Welcome to the family of Christ. I gave my life to Christ thirty years ago and began attenting a penticostal church. During this time I did not have an understanding about Adventists or thier doctrin until I became friend with some a few months ago.

      I really feel sorry for them and have been praying for thier conversion to Christ. I was very judgemtal of Adventists until I found out that they are nice people who do not understand the Gospel of Christ. If thier is anything I am learning is that I need love them as Christ does and he loves them just as much as anyone else.

    • I started studying the Bible without EGW and saw so much error and contradictions. When I tired to share, just the idea of looking at different ideas on end time events, I was ostracized, removed from taking part in any office position. Everyone avoided me. I finally had to leave and have been so depressed even though I am thrilled about seeing truth. I live in a very small northern MI town and whenever I cross paths with members of the church they either try to avoid me or give me a horrible look like I am eternally lost.One member has sent me hundreds of EGW quotes stating how the devil has taken over me and that I am eternally lost. It is all so depressing. But God is leading me and just recently I attended a Bible study class that meets on Wed evenings at a non denomitational church. .It was wonderful!! Seeing truth is such a thrill. I can say that I finally realize what the Bible means when it states…Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I am free from all the EGW bondage. I praise God for setting me free.

  2. I have read the first typed article about the shut door and historical adventism. I have listened to the first audio discussion between 3 former Adventist Pastors. I thank you for your website.

    I am beginning to come to grips with a 4 (+) year spiritual warfare. I am a 5th generation Adventist- my children are the 6th. My husband is also a 4th or 5th generation Adventist. I was the dress reform, vegan, home school mother basing my children’s education on the book Education and many SOP books- as a musician i preferred only hymns– conservative SDA and all other SDA’s were slipping away into error. I lived by SOP and the law- yet I loved Christ sincerely and have always had a true love for Christ and others. Something was always missing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I could well have been a SDA Pastor but as a woman so wouldn’t consider this as appropriate. My husband was SDA but as opposite within the denomination as two could be- he was very liberal opposing my conservative views.

    In January of 2007 I became the organist/keyboardist for a First Congregational Church in my village in Michigan. I instantly found the true faith and gospel of Jesus here in this tiny, vibrant church. I sensed god’s love and care her in a way I never have anywhere else in my life. On August 24,2008 I was re-baptized by the Congregational Pastor. I didn’t invite any of my family. My family have felt hurt, angry, betrayed, that I am lost, and a host of other things. I am made to feel that I have been deceived and am no longer able to discern the truth-. yet, God is working and things are slowly changing. I have not joined the Congregational Church, my membership is still at the Adventist church. I am still being torn between the two yet changes are coming to be.
    I have continued to attend each church on the weekends. It is with great crushing trials that I begin to fully realize that the Adventist church is full of faults. I want to reach the SDA church with the simple message of the gospel of Christ taught in Galatians and other places in the Scripture. I don’t know how to do this and weekly when I attend the SDA church I feel physically like I am entering a tomb- emotionally I shut down and struggle throughout the morning to relate to the people, I feel intense anger toward weekly messages that I feel are in error. When I play the piano here and am at times so emotionally shaken I can barely read the notes or keep my hands from shaking. Sabbath is a day of torment for me as I am pulled back weekly into questions and doubt that SDA maybe are right and I am wrong—.

    Then I go to church on Sunday and I feel free, my soul is at rest, the Spirit speaks to my heart. There is an attitude of love and acceptance from man and God on Sunday. My week will then proceed positively again until it is Friday night.

    Last weekend though I talked to my mother for 2 hours and explained to her the simple gospel message: that we need Jesus only- to accept His grace, respond in faith and to daily walk with Him in close relationship of faith reaching out to others in the love of God alone. I told her that I do not feel we need all the doctrine of the church- we need to focus on Jesus and lead people to the simple message of grace and salvation. She listened and said’ You are right.”

    God is so good. I would love to thank Christ for His patience and love. May He grant me the wisdom to grow in His Word, to release fear, doubt and misunderstanding for Him. I have not fully come to grips with SDA and what I am going to do. I care about these people, my family is all SDA and many relatives. They mean well and I can’t imagine not taking my daughter to church & not going to church with my husband, my son and his fiance’. It is all a crushing battle. May God give me strength to follow Him. How can I reach the Adventists if I leave the church?

    Ruthie Willis

    • Hello Ruthie,
      I have had a very weighty heart-burden especially for those people I baptized and who were members of my congregations. I have written countless times over the years, sending lots of documented info. as well, but have not succeeded once.
      In reading the 16th century Christian mystic, Fenelon I believe the Holy Spirit used his words to pull me away from trying to convince SDAs of the authentic Gospel of New Covenant freedom in Christ Jesus and let God deal with them in his perfect time and according to his perfect wisdom, knowing their hearts.
      Fenelon wrote: “Let humans be human – that is to say, weak, vain, fickle, unjust, false, and presumptuous. Let the world still be the world. You cannot prevent it. You cannot recast them. The best course is to let them be as they are and to bear with them. … God sees it all more clearly than you do, yet He permits it. Be content to do quietly and gently what it becomes you to do, and let everything else be to you as though it were not.”
      I pray for them every day, but then just focus on my surrender to Christ’s Lordship, praying to reflect His love and kindness, and whenever I write, just to write about my joy in the Lord and my assurance of salvation with no direct reference to Adventisms positions or desire to see them discover His truth. Pray and love, and give your primary focus on following constantly Heb. 12:2. I hope this helps. In Jesus,

  3. sorry for my bad english,bcause i’m malaysians..nowadays many people have say that its not important what the day you should go to the church..but WHY THE SUNDAY LAW…………..i dont need to talk many,you all know my question..

    • Thank you for visiting the site. Please look again at the purpose of this site- Support for questioning & transitioning Adventist pastors.

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