When I was studying my way out of Adventism and wondering what in the world I would do if I quit my pastor position, I was lonely. There wasn’t anyone (among my colleagues and pastoral friends) that I felt I could trust to share my questions with, to share my discoveries with. I knew that if I was transparent and honest, an intervention would be launched, I would get called into the principal’s office (figuratively), my reputation would be on the line, … in essence, the issues would get complicated by self-preservation and would distract from my simple and honest Bible study and inquiry into what  I was being paid to teach.

During this time, I longed for a support system, a safe place where I could go to get encouragement, learn from others’ journey and know that there is life after Adventist ministry. I was blessed to connect with Jonathan Bilima, Mark Martin and Greg Taylor during my transition and they offered the type of support that I hope this site will offer to you.

The name Crossroads was chosen because it so aptly describes where our readers are right now. If you’re not already there, you will be at a crossroads, a decision point, soon. Should you quit? Should you share with your congregation? Should you stay and try to only preach the true Gospel?  Can you trust God for the journey ahead?

The most important part of the Crossroads experience that you should always keep in mind is that IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CROSS. If you leave Adventism for any other reason, it’s a mistake. I am committed to uplift Christ, the Gospel and His faithfulness as I support you in your journey. Crossroads is all about the Cross.

Crossroads was also part of the name of the last SDA church I pastored, and I couldn’t resist the irony.

Take a look around. Connect with other pastor’s who’ve been where you are. Check out the vast array of resources available online and be encouraged. Everything you will lose for the Gospel will be worth it (see Mark 10:27-31).

Thanks for stopping by the site. I pray that it’s a blessing to you in your journey.



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  1. Great site. Praise God for His eternal blessings and complete gift (not investigative one with strings attached) of salvation

  2. Hello! I wonder what are those crucial questions who had that moves you to leave SDA church. I will be highly appreciated if you will share it with me. You can add me to Facebook so you can see my profile. I’m a convert to SDA and been a defender of SDA faith since. Thank you.

  3. I think what you’re doing is great. I kinda did the same as you. Went to PFA, went to Oakwood. Left the SDA church about 14 years ago and haven’t been inside of one since. I did it for the same reasons, not because of the way the people are or how they act, but because of doctrinal issues. I’m sure we know some of the same people, although I’m older than you.

    Many blessings to you. I pray your ministry will continue to grow and you will be a Godly refuge for those coming to you with questions.

    Shelton Morgan

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