An interview with Kurtley Knight – Part 2

Last week we posted Part 1 of the interview with Pastor Kurtley Knight who recently left his pastoral job and Adventism. Part 3 is here.

What was the catalyst that compelled you to quit your pastoral job?

The only God-induced response when one receives the gospel is faith. Simply put, God prompted me to leave my job to follow Him alone as my Savior and provision in faith. It was scary but the question I had to answer was whether I was going to trust Him or myself for all of my needs.  This is the kind of faith that brings glory to God.

The other part of it though was to retain my integrity. I didn’t have huge savings and a mapped-out plan for my future. In practical terms this was not a smart move but, I believe, it is required for those who value their character. What kind of integrity would I demonstrate to my wife and future children (Lord willing) if I had stayed in a pulpit within a religion I believed was fundamentally in error? What kind of person would that make me? What kind of leader would that make me? I would never again be able to stand on my ethical two legs knowing that I was intentionally living outside of Christian orthodoxy (the gospel) and my convictions. Furthermore, not only would I be living a lie but I would be living in sin. Paul says, “For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” (Rom 14:23).

Trust me when I say, I know many SDA pastors who have fundamental theological differences with the Pillars of Adventism (Sabbath, Sanctuary-Investigative Judgment, Spirit of Prophecy, and State of the Dead). My counsel would be for them to value their character above all else. To do so honors God and prioritizes personal integrity over any perceived or real benefit of staying in the system.

Why didn’t you stay and try to make a difference?

Staying would have been impossible for several reasons. First of all, the problems with Seventh-day Adventism are theological at the root. It is my conviction that as long as Ellen White’s writings remain “a continuing and authoritative source of truth” (Fundamental Belief No. 18), the Seventh-day Adventist Church will never fundamentally change.  Nevermind the fact that I wasn’t a staunch EGW believer.  The fact remains that she is the interpretive lens by which the Seventh-day Adventist Church interprets Scripture.  Practically, this means that she is either equal to Scripture, at best, or above it, at worst.

kurtley part2

I also came to the conviction that I couldn’t be in fellowship with a religion that was outside of Christian orthodoxy. That is to say, I couldn’t be outside of the gospel of grace through faith in Jesus alone.  How could I “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet 3:18) while being not under grace, but law? I firmly believed that in order to accept the gospel of Jesus, I had to leave.

Lastly, I believe God gets the most glory out of my life when I allow Him to form me into the person He created me to be.  This is the transformational nature of the gospel which cannot be duplicated within the environment of “another” gospel.  I had to follow God’s call out of Adventism.

Describe what it was like, emotionally, to leave?

There are no words to express how I felt in taking this journey. Leaving Adventism was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. I cannot stress enough the emotional turmoil I went through making this decision. For me, I wasn’t primarily stressed over where we would go or how we would survive financially. I was more concerned with the disappointment it would cause my family and friends. In truth, it required me to face my greatest fear.  Emotionally this was all-straining.

As God revealed to me the gospel and the unbiblical nature of Adventist theology, I soon realized I wasn’t just leaving a theological system but an entire culture. It’s not like leaving a Lutheran church for a Presbyterian one.  Leaving Adventism is major, like death or divorce. It was jarring when I realized that the thing that once made up so much of my identity was now dead to me.

Adventism is an entire worldview. Only when I experienced the gospel of grace did I get a true sense of where I was in relation to it. This was all very emotionally taxing.

Leaving my congregation was also emotionally difficult. I had pastored these people for almost four years. I had built relationships, married couples, and performed the funerals of their loved ones.  I loved them deeply and to leave them was heart-wrenching. Words cannot express how difficult all of this was.

How did your friends and family react when you shared that you were leaving your job and leaving Adventism?

As I mentioned above, I was very much afraid of these conversations. I had heard many terrible stories from others about their discussions with family. Surprisingly however, most of my loved ones were very supportive. They didn’t understand, of course, but they were still very supportive of me as a person. I appreciated that.  I had those few people that thought I was going to hell or that God was taking me on my own journey only to bring me back to Adventism.   Still, it was cool. I answered all the questions I was asked and left a standing invitation for continued dialogue. I’ve had some “interesting” conversations, but most of conversations have been out of love. God really graced me with this part of it.

So, here’s the question that everyone who leaves gets asked, over and over again… what about the Sabbath?

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    • Not much to say but that it seems like the Sda church in your opinion is not God centered. If this is true then this church is devil centered (sound harsh but that’s what I am gathering). I recall according to scripture that everywhere Jesus went there were always two groups of followers even within the body of Christ. JESUS, however, never left. You see when one takes his eyes off Christ, the enemy shows him every evil that exist and he begins to run. Where are you running to? As long as the enemy is on this earth we will see him everywhere even in our pulpits, Sabbath School lessons ets. Our duty is to study for ourselves and focus on Jesus, keep the faith and by God’s grace he will save us. Jesus said let them grow together until the harvest. While we leave the church we still encounter the enemy elsewhere. The only way to separate ourselves from him is to leave this world. While God is sifting, the wheat will remain.

      May God help us to make right decision that will not only affect us now but for eternity…

  1. Than you for sharing your story. As far as my life goes, I really feel compelled to walk away from everything as well (including career) but am too afraid to abandon my current weekly paycheck. However Jesus does call us to follow Him and that does involve sacrifice. I haven’t figured out what to do yet. Please continue to update this blog though!

    • i’ve prayed for you with expectancy that God loves u enough to keep pursuing you until He’s your only option. what a tough place to be. what a place of greatness, tho…what a God place. 😉

      • Thank you. It seems as if I have always been following what my family wants instead of what God is calling me to do. I always felt there was no other alternative.

      • you’re welcome. i love seeing ppl walk in the freedom of knowing they followed Christ. no matter WHAT the world (or our families) tend to think, say, or do. Christ is worth it. i’ll continue to pray!

    • Deborah,

      Thanks for much for sharing a brief insight into your life and story. I can attest how difficult it is to follow God in this manner. There is not a handbook on how to handle this crossroads. No template or guide. I would encourage you to live with the questions as you seek God. Moving in His timing, He will gift you with the courage that is necessary to follow Him. My prayer is that God will continue to speak to you. Blessings.

      • Thank you for your response. It is tough to drop everything to follow Him but I am praying for direction and that He will take care of me. My family has never really been Christian (but good SDA) and they always wanted me to live the American dream and this dream would save me in the “End Times.” I always felt called to do something else with my days and the ensuing conflict is rather disheartening; I’d rather just follow Him but for family conflict and lack of $$. It will work out though, I just need faith.

  2. Truly, I praise GOD and thank HIM for your sacrifice. I know that HE will do a special work in you and that HE will never leave you or forsake you. Blessings will overflow for you and your wife. Stay encouraged. Stay with HIS leadership and shepherding.

    Several years ago, I left the Adventist Church, also. I had started seeing so many discrepancies with the teachings compared to GOD’S Word. For years, I held this in my heart, knowing that something was not right. The Bible was not saying the same things that were in the Sabbath School lessons or the many red books and “27 Fundamental Beliefs” were saying. The Church Manual also had confusing portions. The fellowship with other church members and pastors was wonderful, but you cannot take them home and into your “closet” when GOD is convicting you. My plan was to study the Bible until GOD opened a door for me, which he did. HIS plans were much greater than I could have ever imagined!

    I was not born into Adventistism, but attended an Adventist college, gave my life to GOD, studied incessantly, and held church offices. I had even given Bible studies, but always felt so sorry for new believers and the sorrow always pierced my heart because there was something with the studies and baptismal vows that just didn’t match if you didn’t read the entire context of the Bible chapters.

    I had great faith in GOD and am so thankful that that faith opened the Bible for me. Before, I had been studying with the usual “helps” and “proof texts ” and not just the Bible. Now, the Bible was (is) so clear, interesting, and a blessing to read and learn from!

    Many people stay for fear of the unknown and because there is such a “wrap up” in the culture of Adventism. For many, it is a generational inherited religion and they know nothing else. Quite a few have their future pensions in the organization. The prestige is great. There are “pillars” within the doctrines that they feel can’t possibly fall. That, in itself is out-of-the-question. The legacy of the prophetess and her many words are very sacred and unfailing.
    Many may have not studied the Bible, truly studied without the “background materials” that are offered within the church. Most do not really know or understand the historical background of the doctrine and the church. Many are not into the Greek and Hebrew languages of GOD’S Word and are not aware of what GOD has put “on the table” for us through CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    At the time, I had no idea that so many people, including a pastor with whom I was aquainted– from college–were leaving Adventism, for the same reasons. Brave…but following GOD!
    What a meal of graceful spirit-filled breath of love GOD has for us! My, when the scales fall off, you know that GOD is your Saving Grace and that you are free in HIM! No one can take it away!

  3. What if Ellen White whom you seem to be tearing down and have a problem with make it to the kingdom of God and you don’t.What concerns me is we spend most of our time seeking and searching out what others do wrong ,but don’t have time to see our own sins,I always say what Ellen White do or say wrong that will be between her and her God, because He is the final judge. Adventist church is the closet thing to the word of God.i go to church on sabbath to worship and praise God, because He is the one who die for me and and will save.not to search out the sins of others.If many of you should look into your closet you would see you need to focus on your own sins and not others.Some people say they leave the church but it is the other way around. They come and see the church and will die and leave the church.Lets all keep our eyes on Jesus who can save us.There will be a lot of surprise in heaven.

    • what if ellen white make it to the kingdom and u don’t….what an odd way for a christian to begin a comment…it’s definitely the type of comment ppl leave anonymously, tho. can’t we all just get along? sheesh…

      • If David was living in our times what would we say about him.Yet God say He was a man aftet His own heart. Let us all love each other and try to make it to heaven

  4. I love honest discussion with Christians seeking for where God wants them to be. I grew up Adventist then left the church and joined a non-denominational Charismatic church. I have since left that church in March and am strongly considering going back to an Adventist church. My personal belief is that there are “problems” in all denominations. The problem is usually the sum of the people who have elevated the denominations’ most likely probable Godly call above the simplicity of the Gospel. Then the denominations’ adherents judge the rest of the body of Christ for not mandating the importance of blank (insert Sabbath, speaking in tongues, a certain type of worship, what you eat, who you vote for, what your eschatological stance is, etc). Even in the Protestant church we sometimes rely on a pastor as a pope even though we profess the 5 solae. I think we should have the freedom to disagree with certain theologies in our denominations. Obviously this is very difficult at the pastoral level. The only reason why I left my last church is that I didn’t have the freedom to disagree. In the Adventist churches that I attended I had that freedom. When I left the Adventist church I remained a Sabbatarian. Sabbatrianism and Adventism are two different things. The non-denominational church I went to was also Sabbatarian since they were also heavily pro-Israel. So although we attended church on Sunday we were encouraged to take it easy on Saturday and we sometimes had a Shabbat celebration and did a messianic Passover.

    • Good points. I think all churches have strong points and points that I don’t necessarily see strong scriptural support for in the Bible.

      I also enjoy good discussions with Christians and everyone about different beliefs.

      I am reading the Bible myself and it is really dramatically changing my I understanding of what it means to be a Christian and what Christianity is all about. I think we should all read the Bible ourselves, pray for understanding and ask God to lead us into his plan for our life. I think many denominations, including Adventism, offer a wonderful Christian experience and are a part of the body of Christ. I am a devout Adventist and enjoy it. I also believe that other denominations are also good.

      What my reading of the Bible has lead me to conclude is that your love for God and your demonstrated love for all people is the acid test of your Christianity. Denominations won’t save us, Jesus saves us. Jesus has asked that we demonstrate his love to the least of these, and that we love God with all of our heart.

      I can’t wait to see what Pastor Knight says about the Sabbath. I am also enjoying the comments in these threads, the different points and reading what Pastor Knight is saying.

  5. I wanted to add another comment. Jews didn’t attend synoguge on Saturday until after the restoration of the second temple. They therefore kept the 4th commandment for what it says..to rest.

    • Zanspence… Solomon built the Temple so I would venture to say that a priesthood and religious/spiritual minded conversationsational gatherings began to take place in his day and there after. Now having said this… I have not read one iota nor mention of “Adventist Doctrine” that this Brother/Brotha Kurtley Knight has found to be Scripturally unfounded. All the way to the End(Revelations)… GOD’S people are referred to as those who Keep HIS Commandments. GOD ONLY wrote 10 with HIS FINGER. I suspect that Brotha/Brother Kurtley Knight does not have an issue with Commandments 5 thru 10. For certain as they apply in respect to being shown towards him. No person on this Earth can argue against Commandments 5 thru 10. ALL Religions(even Satanist and Agnostics/Atheist)claim to live according to these 5 principles. What I am then left to assume is that this Brotha/Brother Kurtley Knight is struggling with the first 4 Commandments and not just the 4th. I would venture to say that he has begun romancing the ideas and notions of praising, worshiping, or just paying homage to other gods all together. This is usually the TRUTH of any one that claims to leave the Adventist Church for what ever reason. The Adventist Church has the Whole TRUTH. Individual members and Pastors may not… but the “Adventist Doctrine” is wholly scriptural. The 4th Commandment is the only Commandment uttered in Genesis at creation and it dumbfounds Me that it is the Only Commandment that people openly debate. JESUS CHRIST kept and attended or held Synagogue(Church Service)on the Saturday/SABBATH… and so did every other Apostle, Disciple, and Biblical GOD Believer/CHRIST follower. If CHRIST were here on Earth now going around what day of the week would HE be keeping as SABBATH or attending or holding Church Services and if you were following HIM around too then on what day would you be following HIM into Service? Brotha/Brother Kurtley Knight I suspect had been feeling his own consciousness/conscience being seared with a hot iron and has left the Adventist Church in search of refuge to live out the lifestyle that he truly wants to live and has sought to blame Adventism for it… like many others have and will continue to do. I invite any of you and Brotha/Brother Kurtley Knight to give me a call and let’s vibe some time like only Us Brothas, that are truly wanting to live a GODLY lifestyle, can do. My cell number is… 225-300-7071. Antonio Delance Hills is my actual name and I am Facebook accessible as well. GOD/JAH BLESS and ONE LOVE.

      • Antonio,
        Ancient Jews in the Kingdom of Judah were only required to attend Solomon’s Temple during the Shalosh Regalim to offer sacrifices to the priest. There are 3 such pilgrimage holidays: Passover, Shavout and Sukkot. I want to make an emphasis on required because the requirement is Biblical based on Exodus 23. The requirement of the Biblical 4th commandment is to basically do nothing and commemorate creation. And the author of Hebrews further expounded in Hebrews 4 that you’re not really keeping the 4th commandment unless you surrender to God’s will for your life(I don’t mind any theologians commenting on my comments). Like many of the commandments and practices we have New Testament clarification on their inward keeping. Just like it’s not enough just not to cheat on a spouse but you shouldn’t be lusting (adultery) and it’s not enough to adhere to at minimum a kosher diet but your heart has to be clean too. And it’s not enough to just not end a person’s life but we have to not hate as well(murder). (Matthew 5 and Matthew 15). Keeping the Sabbath according to Exodus 20 and Hebrews 4 has nothing to do with your official day of weekly congregational gathering. They are mutually exclusive. They were mutually exclusive at the time of Solomon’t temple. Jews, Adventist and other Christians have coupled the concept of a “Sabbath” and official day of congregational gathering. The early church met daily(Acts 2). The coupling happened sometime after exile because in Luke 4, Jesus read the scroll of Isaiah which was “custom on the Sabbath”. But if this is to establish a coupling then why isn’t it spelled out in the New Testament? Where is the requirement heavy language anywhere in the New Testament like it is in the Old Testament? Should custom/tradition which makes a lot of sense over rule Exodus 20 and Hebrews 4? Excluding tradition and relying on the Bible is supposed to be an identifying characteristic for us Protestants. We are supposed to be Sola Scriptura. My conclusion is that it’s fine to go to church on the Sabbath but make sure people know that it’s about God not a day. And I think all Christians should be taught about Sabbath.
        What says you?

  6. In many ways I do agree that the SDA church has fallen and is found wanting, we no longer have a pure doctrine. We have been infiltrated by the enemy and it shows in more than one way. If we fall into the trap of following what just our pastors say or what comes in the weekly lesson study we will surely be deceived.
    personally I believe that it is because we have all fallen in slumber like the ten virgins did. We have stopped reading the scripture for outselves. Even ellen white warns us about using her only.
    However, I do believe that we have the outpouring of the holy spirit in our lamps. In Pr Knights responses he mentions being under the law, and how he never experienced grace and faith within the Adventist doctrines. Beware to fall into the other extreme and abandon Gods law. Paul makes it quite clear in Romans that we are saved by grace and faith however this does not mean that we abolish the law.

    I pray that God will reveal to you with clarity his character and that you are within the ones saved, “here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus ”
    The commandments are a reflexion of gods character , faith cannot be separated . They must go hand in hand.

    • Concernedbeliever,

      Thanks for your comment. You are correct in what Paul says about the Law in Rom 3:31. My question to you however would be, how does Paul define that throughout the rest of the book of Romans, specifically Rom 13:8-10? Also how does your view fit with Paul’s words in Galatians 4 & 5?

      You make genuine comments and I appreciate them. I’m not fishing for an argument so there’s no need for you to respond. Still, it’s something to reflect on 🙂


      • Mr. Knight, I hope you see the inconsistency in your logic using those texts to dismiss the obedience of God’s commandments. Love is the fulfillment and motivation to keep the law, not the dismissal. So many points could be made here.

  7. Mr Knight, your story is one that resonates with my own. Your courage is encouraging. My husband is an sda minister and I have stopped referring to myself as a Seventh day Adventist in recent years. It is a challenge to continue attending worship services week after week with my family when I feel so strongly pulled in a different direction. I’m of the belief that no religion has all the answers to all of the questions but they all have answers to some of the questions. There are so many unanswered questions in the Bible that I cannot agree with those that believe it to be the undisputed living word of God. I cannot make myself believe that the God who spoke to prophets and apostles of yesterday has chosen not to speak to anyone else for all these years except one little lady who is affiliated with one religious sect. This goes against the egalitarian concept thought by Jesus while he was on earth. There’s so much more that I could share with you and your readers about my own journey but I think this post is getting a little long so I will stop for now. I’m sure you will be fine as you take this walk because you are an ambitious young man from a family of ambitious people who seem to be loving and supportive. I look forward to reading the next part of your interview.

    • Martina,

      I am so encouraged by your comments and I sense your present anxiety. Very few within SDA know how difficult it is to give those questions a fair hearing in one’s heart. I commend your courage. I would encourage you to no lose sight of your faith in God. Sometimes it can all be so confusing and giving up on God is much easier. Stay the course and I’m confident God will lead you.

      The pastors on this page are willing to talk to you at your request. I am also available to hear more of your story and struggle.


  8. Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it. I’m looking for a quote or statement from EGW or SDA commentary that states that they are “outside of the gospel of grace through faith in Jesus alone”. From a theological standpoint (not church culture) everything I read states that they believe in “This faith which receives salvation comes through the divine power of the Word and is the gift of God’s grace” (Fundamental Belief #10). But maybe I’m missing something.

    I have been told that SDA’s believe that they are saved by works (keeping the law of God) and not grace through faith in Jesus Christ, but when I went to read their documents I couldn’t find anything that says that they believe that they are saved by works.

    Please, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

    • Lewis – If you read Fundamental Belief #18 you will notice that Adventist believe that the law will be God’s standard in the final judgement. So, keeping the law is the “work” that must be done in order to enter the Kingdom. That does not mesh with salvation by grace through faith or John 5:24.

      • Hello Student

        Thanks For the reply, but Fundamental Belief #19 ( I think this is the one you meant which talks about Law of God, #18 speaks about something else) says “Salvation is all of grace and not of works, but it’s fruitage is obedience to the Commandments.” Plus believing that we are judged by our works is different then believing that we are saved by our works.

        I’ve been researching the SDA religion and I’ve been told many times that they believe that they are saved by their works and not by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I’m looking for a passage or verse from the SDA’s that states that they believe they are saved by their own works and not by the grace of God. So far I haven’t found it but everyone keeps telling me that it’s there, I just want to follow the truth.

        Thanks again, Kurtley if you could clear this up for me that would be great!


      • Lewis- saved by works and works judged FOR salvation is the same thing…two sides of the same coin. If you need an thorough explanation on the SDA salvation by works process, read chapter 28 (Facing Life’s Record) in the Great Controversy.

    • Thank you Student for your reply, I’ll read the chapter you suggested in Great Controversy to see if SDA’s believe they are saved by works. Just to be clear I think we agree that you can’t be saved by works but you can be lost by works (James 1:22, 1Cor 6:9, Gal 5:21). So I believe that God judging us by our works is different than God saving us by our works.

      I was raised a non-believer and I’m now doing some studying on the SDA religion, but several people have told me to stay away from SDA’s because they believe that they are saved by their works. That’s why I’m looking for a passage or book from the SDA’s that states that they believe that they are saved by works and not grace through faith.

      Thanks again for your help,


  9. Michael
    I have known Pastor Knight for years .even before he became a pastor. He is a loving warm person, who love family , friends and God .
    It is sad that he has gone through all this soul searching , it has been tough for him . And there are many more in this struggle .
    Reading him interview I see lot of things that are not correct understanding of the mission of the Adventist church more so it understanding of the bible.
    but I will talk to him one on one . I support you as a brother , I am a SDA will always be not by culture or tradition but faith in the word of God , I will pray that God will begin clarity to all concerned. For whether one is for or against . We must guard the avenue of our heart and minds so that the deceiver, take not our souls and we loose our eternity with Christ . Because the bible tells us that this will happen
    Hey Pastor K I will give call ,, Keep the focus

  10. I somewhat understand his point, but personally and spiritually I think he is completely wrong. The only common sense reason to leave Adventism if like he said he is focusing more on grace. I say common sense reason not saying he is right in anyway but from a human standpoint to focus on feelings a person can justify doing that…..Yes many people say …like he said if you just believe…like your points predominately living on grace along…Adventism likes Christ and his Word takes responsibility on how we live not just grace or a hope…Faith without works is dead…So respectfully like first day worshipers as well as us all who will be judged by God, for those who do not keep God commandments they will have to stand before God and tell God why they ignored or just outright disobeyed your word (keeping God’s Ten Commandments). And Many folks will agree with him in today’s world because the trick of the devil teaches that Man doesn’t have to be responsible to no one just believe…. that they don’t even have to responsible to God. Man’s want freedom but really what they want and what most folks are gravitating to is slavery to the devil and the flesh. His ideas and so many of the same are so anti Christ. I have so much to say about this…..And I guarantee those who are harping and living not keeping the Commandments of God have no power when it comes to God. I could write more but I will leave it at that I will leave it up to the Holy Spirit to fill in the blanks. God Bless

  11. In my understanding of the Word of God and communion with the Holy Ghost…I need no other quote then what the Word of God says and yes if I looked in EG White Writing I can find so much more….but like God says if you love me keep my commandments and the Pastor twisted the meaning of that scripture in his explanation …as the bible says even the very elect may be deceived I pray no one is by what this man has been writing…

    • Zanspence… You are full of yourself and I am not impressed with your response in the slightest. I would invite YOU to reread Acts 2. Why do you get the impression that the early Church held congregational services every day? What kinds of careers did the people of that time have that afforded them time to attend church services every day? What kind of career field are You, at this present day in 2014, in that affords You the time to attend church service 7 days a week? You need to check yourself and the message that You are trying to convey. Where do YOU, Zanspence, read in scripture that JESUS CHRIST attended synagogue/church service every day/7 days a week and that HE held each day in high regard as that of the SABBATH? The people that I read about in the Old Testament didn’t have a BIBLE to read from. The people that We read about in the New Testament, to include JESUS CHRIST, read and taught from the Old Testament because there hadn’t been a New Testament written yet. I’m not interested in entertaining arrogance and elitist foolishness. I asked YOU, Zanspence, something simple. If JESUS CHRIST were here on this earth with Us right now and going around… which day would HE attend church and if YOU were Following HIM on which day would YOU be entering a church for service? JESUS CHRIST showed YOU and ME how to Keep the SABBATH. PERIOD. POINT BLANK. Where in scripture do You read that HE attended service on the 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day, or even 6th day? Tell Me the Exact scripture that YOU, Zanspence, have read that gives YOU this impression. The things that I have read conveyed from this Brotha/Brother Kurtley Knight about Adventist Doctrine have been Flat Out LIES. If Grace is All that We need then why do any of Us go to church at all? Why do any of Us pay Tithe or give Offerings? Why do any of Us get Baptized since Grace is All that We need to acknowledge and to teach/preach to the world to be Saved? Zanspence… neither You nor this Brotha/Brother Kurtley Knight have a better command of this language that We are communicating in than that of which I have and neither of You have a better understanding of SCRIPTURE, without the GUIDANCE of THE HOLY SPIRIT, than that of which I have nor any body else. We don’t need to understand Greek and Aramic and Hebrew translations any and no more than We need to understand Spanish, German, Italian, or Swahili. THE HOLY SPIRIT speaks and translates All Languages so if We are in THE HOLY SPIRIT then our, Individiual, understanding of THE SCRIPTURES will be the EXACT SAME. If JESUS CHRIST were here on what day of the week would HE attend and hold church service and if You would be HIS Follower on what day would You be Following HIM in to church service?


      Now… what say YOU, Zanspence?

  12. Dear Pastor: I am in the process of reading the account of your journey out of Adventism (just finished Part 1). I, too, am a “former,” a 3rd-gen SDA who left the church at age 54 (we “studied our way out” almost 20 years ago). I was never a pastor, but spent my life in Adventism (and it IS an all-encompassing “lifestyle,” not just a “religion), SDA schools into college, and denominational employment until into my late 40’s. I questioned a lot of things as an academy student (Milo Academy), but never had the courage to actually raise those questions. Ultimately, I married and had three kids, and they became teenagers! Teenagers have a tendency not to simply accept things without questioning, and the questions began. I could answer them from EGW’s writings, but found NO ANSWERS in the Bible. Then I began to question everything I had been taught from birth (untruths taught to me by people I loved, respected and trusted), and began searching the scriptures for answers.

    It took 8 yrs. of floundering around before we finally found the courage to leave “the church.” After we stopped attending, we felt adrift and completely lost. (SIDEBAR: Our absence at church went unnoticed by our pastor or fellow congregants, with whom we had worshiped, served and fellowshipped for almost 9 yrs. – To this day, nobody has EVER contacted us, a fact which I find unbelievable!) Outside the familiar comfort of Adventism, we had no clue where to go! Then in June of 1994my husband was given the birthday gift of a ticket to PromiseKeepers (Portland, OR), where the Holy Spirit ambushed him the moment he walked into the stadium. He came home quite another person from the already-good guy I sent off that morning! I could hardly believe it!!

    Shortly after that, we searched and found a church (yes, it meets on Sundays) where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught from SCRIPTURE ONLY, and the people are loving, and fully understand what it means to “bear each other’s burdens” – Spiritual, physical, and emotional burdens! The rest is history, and we have never been more at peace, more at complete “sabbatismos” rest, and we have never looked back. Hallelujah!!

    God bless you as you continue your journey, and thanks for listening.

  13. Good for you KurtleyKnight…You are to be commended for thinking and and trying to make some sense of the non-sense…..You will find the path that you are to embark upon..

  14. After reading the post ( interview), it has convicted me to get back on my knees and dive a little deeper I the Word of God. I’ll be praying for my brother Knight and his family. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Kurtley, we love you and always will, you have been our pride and joy as you let God use you on so many occasions. We watched you grow up and make an impact for God in so many ways whether your are aware of it or not. The plays, coaching Bible Bowl, and a leader at Oakwood University were all leading souls to Christ. Please remember that your influence is widespread and can be used for good or for evil. Whatever you do, please remember the words of Eld. E.C. Ward, “Never get an imperfect people mixed up with a perfect God.”

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