Q&A with a pastor at the crossroads

When my resignation became public, I received a phone call from a pastor-friend encouraging me and telling me, in essence, “I’m next.” God used him to encourage me when others were trying to sew seeds of doubt. I’ve asked him to tell his story of pastoring at the crossroads. For obvious reasons, I am featuring


The Spirit Behind the Church

The first time I watched this video was in undergrad at Southwestern Adventist University. My professor wanted us, pastors in training, to see how bitter and misguided these poor former Adventists were.


Does it Jibe with the Bible?

There are some pastors at the crossroads who have declared that they are not preaching Ellen G. White or any distinct teachings of Seventh-day Adventism. Some pastors make their churches appear less like traditional Adventist churches by dimming the lights, having a band, changing worship times, and even preaching sermons focusing on Jesus and the gospel. While