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  1. Great Website!! Just printed the first page, so I can keep it close.
    I am a former SDA, and wonder how in the world I was so deceived by these strange doctrines which are not even in the bible.
    Well, that is easy, I never read the bible, I read only EGW’s books, which contradict the bible.
    Truly it is wonderful to be free so I can worship God in Spirit and in truth and not worry about condemnation as I am in Jesus by faith alone, through God’s grace alone.
    How wonderful to know the true gospel of Jesus, and live by faith alone in Him. Knowing I am accepted of God by His free gracious gift of Jesus, his death for my sins, and his imputed righteousness that I may be justified in Him. What rest I have in knowing Jesus as my Savior. What assurance I have of eternal life, as Jesus won it for me. He is my righteousness, sanctification and redemption before the Holy Father, provided by Him.

    May God bless you in your the making of your website to honor and glorify Him, by faith alone in Jesus.

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