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Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism Part 3

Over the past few weeks I highlighted what I call Outlandish Statements in Adventist Evangelism.
I post these to educate Evangelical Christian pastors so they can better understand Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. I also post these to implore Adventist pastors (who claim they don’t believe these things), to gain the courage to teach why this type of thinking is wrong (vs. simply not teaching it at all).

Please notice how the Bible texts are used eisegetically and out of context.

All of the statements below are from Revelation Seminar materials.

“THERE ARE MANY TRUE CHRISTIANS in churches which do not keep the Sabbath or have the gift of prophecy. However, NONE of these churches CAN BE GOD’S LAST DAY REMNANT CHURCH, into which He is calling ALL HIS PEOPLE. His Church must qualify in both areas.”

“God’s church will be teaching that God’s judgment is now in session and that we must worship and honor Him as Creator by keeping His Sabbath, the sign of His creative power.”

“God does not change, Malachi 3:6. He still is hurt when religious leaders are partial to the nine commandments and cause people to stumble over His Sabbath command.”

“Those who knowingly profane God’s holy day now, will lose the ability to think and see clearly and will end up in darkness, John 12:35.”

“God is holding back devastating destruction from the earth until His people receive His seal, sign or mark, which is His Sabbath. Soon every person on earth will be in one of two groups: God’s group, with His Sabbath mark, or the beasts group, with his counterfeit Sunday mark. The Holy Spirit is working with almost desperation to clearly show people that loyalty to God is involved here and to impress them to accept God’s Sabbath mark which represent His creative and redemptive power. It is not enough to claim that we serve God. We must also obey Him, Luke 6:46.”

“God chooses to save everybody, 1 Timothy 2:3-4. The devil desperately wants all to be lost. We choose whom we will serve by whom we obey, Joshua 24:15. I obey God and serve Him by accepting his mark. It is not a matter of days but rather a question of loyalty to Christ or anti-christ, which is another name for the beast. God’s Sabbath is like a banner or flag. When I obey Him I step under His Sabbath banner. When I, with my eyes wide open, step under the Sunday banner of the beast, God counts me as serving the beast.”

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